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How to Win in the Race to Hire Displaced Talent

It took us all by surprise. Six weeks ago, it seemed like a trickle of dual citizens arriving in Israel - but it's roared into a sudden tidal wave of displaced people from the Former Soviet Union - including people with refugee status, applicants for immigration, and new immigrants.

When we started The Reboot six weeks ago we had to speak with companies individually to sign them up to hire displaced

talent. Today, companies contact us every day asking how they can sign up and how they can compete in this new job market. Read this post for what we've learned from working with 250+ companies and 8,000+ Russian-speaking skilled job seekers in our community.

🙋🏽‍♂️ 7. Thinking bigger?

As everyone reading this knows: each and every person that chooses Israel as their new home has incredible potential to impact our communities, our workplaces, and our economy. Because when our workforce becomes more global, we all win (and HBR proved that diverse teams are smarter).

Don't miss your opportunity to bring displaced talent into your company!

1. How big is the talent pool?

If you're just getting started, here is an explainer we wrote about the current data on how many people are here, how many are coming, and what it all means.

The Reboot List of companies supporting displaced talent
The Reboot List of companies supporting displaced talent

2. Where are candidates looking for jobs with Israeli companies?

Candidates in The Reboot community are using our public-facing database of companies that have stated their support for what displaced people are going through now. Add yourself using our form.

3. How can we proactively find qualified candidates?

Searching on LinkedIn may give some results but it has its drawbacks - many candidates are not yet on the platform. Using The Reboot Candidate Directory, approved companies can get access to browse CVs directly. Once you self-onboard with the form in step 2, we will send an email for you to request access to the database.

4. How can we maximize our company's chances to attract displaced talent?

Philips Israel created a VIP hiring link for displaced talent from Ukraine
Philips Israel created a VIP hiring link for displaced talent from Ukraine

Take a look at how some of our companies have been going above and beyond to take real action and start interviewing displaced people in Israel. Philips and Intel have created VIP hiring links. Here's how that works. Companies create a simple webpage where they open a fast-track way for candidates to get in front of hiring managers. Candidates apply through these links and they don't have to go through the longer traditional hiring paths.

5. How can we share info about jobs in a targeted way?

The Reboot actively encourages Russian-speaking job-seekers to move from chat apps to LinkedIn, where they can increase their visibility to potential employers. The Reboot Startup Nation has a growing LinkedIn group where hiring managers can post their hot jobs.

6. How do you read international CV formats?

In our Pledge for Equitable Hiring in Israeli Tech, we asked companies to "Be open to reviewing CVs that don't make it past the initial screening with the understanding that international CVs may not be set up to pass the hiring algorithm." If you want to sign up to help review CVs in your field, that's a good way to give back too.

7. Thinking bigger?

Check out how Revolut is offering relocation to its EU offices. Did you know Israeli tech companies can relocate employees too? (For 90 days under the current pilot program for fast-tracking people displaced by the war). Read more here on the pilot fast track program here.

As the race heats up to hire the top displaced talent to Israeli tech companies, we are very proud to be connecting displaced talent from Ukraine and the former Soviet Union to their new careers in our local ecosystem.

Time to shine!

Set up a call with me here to brainstorm further - we didn't have room in this post for all the creativity happening out there by talent acquisition and hiring teams!

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